F type Flexible Rubber Tyre Coupling



Product Description

F Type Tyre Coupling

The tyre type coupling is divided into two types: convex type and concave type. The convex type is divided into three types: a skeleton type integral type, a boneless integral type and a radial cut type.
The inside of the tire ring is bonded to the steel skeleton by a vulcanization method, and a nut is welded to the bolt hole on the skeleton.


When assembling, the bolts are connected with the flanges of the two coupling halves, and the friction is generated by the friction between the tire and the flange end face by the tightening bolts, and the torsional shear deformation occurs when the tire ring is working, so the tire coupling It has high elasticity, can compensate for the relative displacement of the two shafts, has good damping, and has simple structure, no need for lubrication, assembly and disassembly and maintenance.

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