High Quality flexible tyre couplings



Product Description
Product Name: type tire couplingSurface treatment: phosphating, blackening and sprayingCoupling type: tire couplingMaterial: RubberScope of application: metallurgy, steel rolling, mining, chemical industry, shipbuilding, pumps, fans, etc.Features: the tire coupling has good shock absorption and buffering effect and the performance of compensating the deviation between axles. It is widely used in the occasions of impact vibration, variable forward and reverse rotation and frequent starting.

1.High elastic material, silent work.

The ability of compensating relative displacement of two shafts is large, and the transmission torque is 10-2500n. M

2.Selected 45 steel, reliable quality.
The coupling theme is made of high quality 45 # steel
3.Deburring and smooth surface.
4.Complete models, a large number of stock, complete specifications.
Support non-standard customization. Please contact customer service. Various styles and complete types. Welcome to order!
5.Good damping. No lubrication, working temperature is 20-80 ℃
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